Analysis of Random Access Based on Writings by Nam June Paik in 1963

Byeongwon Ha

Avant-Broadcasting(circa 1984)

William Kaizen

Nam June Paik and the Emancipation of the Machine

Jasia Reichardt

Nam June Paik’s Artistic Evolution From Robot Opera (1964), Opera Sextronique (1967) to TV Cello and TV Cello Premiere (1971): How His Collaboration With Charlotte Moorman Expanded His Art

Eunji Kim

Nam June Paik = Robot

Sungook Hong

On Ekstase: Nam June Paik and Joseph Beuys in the Scope of Shamanism

Shinya Watanabe

Paik: As Boring as Possible
Memories from the Years 1965 to 1985

René Block

Paik, Musically: Fluxus—Stockhausen—Cage

Hanna B. Hölling

Paik’s Media Koans

Gregory Zinman

Recollections on the Exposition of Music
Manfred Montwé in Conversation With Susanne Neuburger
Stählisbronn, November 20, 2008

Manfred Montwé